Travelling Coral

Welcome to Travelling Coral. I blog about travel, food, decluttering and other stuff. I do it for me, for fun, not to make money or to influence anyone.

Hopefully I inform, inspire and occasionally make people laugh and cry. You may see something of your life in what I share. You may not.

If you like it, that is great, please share, comment and join the conversation. If you don’t, that is fine, just don’t be mean.

I have done my best to organise the blog by categories, Community, Food, Travel, Health and Wellbeing to help you navigate around the site and read what interests you.

All the photos on here are either taken by me or my husband. We are amateurs, don’t have flashy cameras, so I cannot see why anyone would want to steal them, so don’t, OK.

And remember, someday is a dangerous word. Make plans now.