Welcome to Travelling Coral.

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What will you find on this blog?

Personal accounts about my life since 2011 when I chucked in a well paid job I loved to go and travel. And what happened after that.

I like food and I write about that too. I have struggled with my mental health and sometimes I write about mental health issues. And I write about decluttering. A lot. I also observe people. Get annoyed in the cinema.

The downsizing bit

In 2015 the DH aka Sleeve Notes and I made a long overdue decision to sell the big house. The house had outgrown us and we decided to get rid of most of our furniture and other belongings and downsize. We both wanted a life with less cleaning and more travel. We wanted to cut down on outgoings so we could do the work we love rather than work jobs just to pay bills. This has been a transition over a number of years, most of it documented on this blog.

The DH found it difficult to let go of his vinyl records. For me it was the books. Once I had moved them a hundred times, I let go of the majority of my books. I have embraced Project 333 and have fewer clothes now.

These are all tiny steps we have been making to simplify our lives. I was fed up of wasting time either looking for things or cleaning around things. I tried all sorts of organising tips, read countless books about being more efficient. Now? My view is that if you have to organise items in specially bought storage, you don’t need or want them. The only thing in my attic now is suitcases.

Life is an adventure

I love meeting new people, seeing new things and going on a journey. Whether that is long haul to Australia or a weekend in Ludlow, as long as there is good food promised I am happy. DH and I have travelled and house and dog sat in Australia and have other housesitting plans going forward.

Hopefully I inform and inspire.

And occasionally make people laugh and cry. You may see something of your life in what I share. You may not. Most of all I do it for me.

If you like what you read, please share, comment and join the conversation. If you don’t, that is fine, just don’t be mean. And still join the conversation.

Respect the copyright

All the photos on here are either taken by me or my husband. We are amateurs, don’t have flashy cameras, so I cannot see why anyone would want to steal them, so don’t, OK.

Make plans

And put a date on them. Because someday is a dangerous word. Don’t wait for the right time, the right time is now.