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Hello. Thank you for visiting Travelling Coral.

My name is Coral and I am a fifty something, downsizer, declutterer, organiser and folder of clothes. An aspiring minimalist who may one day live in a tiny house, I harbour ambitions of a becoming a frequent traveller who writes.

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I post on Instagram and Facebook. Travelling Coral will find me on both.

I started blogging in to record the highs and lows of the round the world trip I made with my husband, Phil, aka Sleeve Notes in 2011/12. The trip changed my life and I now have incurable far sickness.

I discovered I like this writing malarkey so am now working on improving  my blog. Please bear with this as I grapple with WordPress and my niche.

Big changes

Working with a Life Coach, Lisa Cherry Beaumont,  enabled me to make big changes in my life in 2015. I identified how I wanted my life to look, made an action plan, put a date on it and did it.

It is still a work in progress, because sometimes life happens. I have learned to see things thrown in my path as opportunities not threats. I never, ever lose sight of the target of a life with more travel and less cleaning. The original plan was to rent out the house and go on a long European road trip. Then a house sitting opportunity in Melbourne came up and Phil and I did that instead. That was the catalyst that informed the decision to sell the house.

Downsizing and not working

Big house sold, small house bought, may buy a small camper van, may not. Then travel planning. This may mean a drive to Crete to house hunt there, or not. We had two house sits in Melbourne July and September 2016 – spending a total of three months in Australia and one month in New Zealand.

At the end of 2015 I made a huge decision (the right one) to leave my job at Smethwick CAN. This is a local charity supporting those in food crisis and/or living in poverty. One of the projects I worked with was Smethwick Foodbank. While I loved the job and the people I worked with, it was time to move on. This has a lot with me being a multipotentialite.  Discovering that this is a thing was a revelation. Previously my job history has been described as eclectic. I used to say that I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Seems I never will. Leaving work has freed up my time to project manage the house renovation and to write and travel more. That may change. I don’t make long term plans.

Food, Culture, Community

In 2011 I volunteered for Lentil as Anything, a pay as you feel café in St Kilda. Access to good quality food, reducing food waste, sharing food, affordable food, is another passion/obsession. With Smethwick CAN I was able to use this passion to get funding for and deliver cooking and baking sessions in community spaces. Food binds a community. On the last trip to Melbourne I visited every Lentil in the city. Their motto is Food, Culture, Community. I guess that is why I love them.

Decluttering has changed my life

I have also become a decluttering obsessive. It has been a long journey and I have a long way to go yet. I moved house and downsized. I have been able to document the progress on this blog and feedback from readers indicate that this has given them the inspiration to declutter too. This makes me very happy. The ultimate aim is to be minimalist ish. Project 333 and KonMari has streamlined my wardrobe. 2017 is the year I will not be buying any new clothes.

I sometimes get a bit ranty

I will not tolerate inequality, ageism, sexism, racism, homophobia, greed and backstabbing. These are some of the things that will get me ranting.

I don’t travel all the time

I don’t think constant travelling is my style. That may change. I have been a house sitter in Melbourne and after three trips to Australia I have now visited every state in Australia and the Northern Territory. I go on package holidays and I manage to get in a lot of short breaks, house sits, weekends away and staycations. I am still Travelling Coral. A more authentic version of me. 


I have recently joined the AirBnB community. My first stay is booked (five minutes from home) as the DH and I need somewhere to live between house sits. The house is being renovated so we need to be near to check on progress and make decisions. It will be our base in the UK and we will rent it out via AirBnB when are travelling. If you have never used AirBnB I have a code which will get you a discount of £30 off your first booking. Click here to get the code.


5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi

    I am Secretary to a network of trusts and foundations that operate in the West Midlands and was struck by your blog on foodbanks in Smethwick. I wondered if you would be interested in speaking at one of future events in 2015 about foodbanks to our members and a more wider audience. I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Dipali, thank you for asking me. Of course I would be happy to talk about foodbanks and the wider work that we do at Smethwick CAN to support people out of crisis.

  2. Hi,

    I had a similar idea to your café. I wanted a café called the Soup Kitchen that had free soup and also very expensive soup and everything in between. Somewhere that the trendy people with money could come and look at the art on the walls and mix with teenagers enjoying the free soup and art. They could also at least see people who come in for free soup, simply because they were hungry. I’m not sure if it would work and bridge the social divide, but might be worth trying. It’s a shame i didn’t get 6 numbers on the lottery last night!

    I’ll be doing my best to get to the launch of Creative Black Country in Queens Square on Thursday. If you’re there say hello. I’ll be the one wrapped up for an Arctic expedition photographing everything with my Nikon!

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