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Bookshops I love – Barter Books

Barter Books Bench

It seems I always manage to find a book shop on my travels.

Travel Section

This is no ordinary book shop.

Model Railway

This is Barter Books. In an old railway station in Alnwick in Northumberland.

Old Waiting Room

A warm welcome with and open fires in the cafe in the former Waiting Room.

Cozy chairs

And cosy wicker chairs, a perfect place to chat and read.

cook books

Vintage cook books.

The SaintThe Saint, who remembers this?


Some Bourne.

Books for children

Vintage books for children. Not sure of this title though.. And the nursery decorations are certainly not PC. How times have changed.

The Chalet School

Oh, how I wanted to go to The Chalet School.

Eagle Annual

Vintage Annuals. These really brought back memories for my husband.

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If you visit plan to make a day of it. There is so much to see. Cool music, tea, cakes, lunch and of course books.

Cosy fire

More annuals. Does anyone make annuals anymore? Every child would have had one for Christmas when I was young, which obviously was a long time ago.

Who wouldn’t want to pull up a chair in front of the fire and step back into childhood?

Lakeland fells

Or plan the next trip.













Dip into some Marvel Masterworks.


Barter Books is yet another reason to go to Northumberland. There are books for all ages, we just loved this place, it was like stepping back into our past, full of nostalgia and it is where the Keep Calm and Carry On posters were discovered.




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