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Breakfast at Simpsons

I don’t think I have ever eaten at a Michelin starred restaurant before. I don’t think many people have had breakfast at such establishments, yet The Birmingham Breakfast Club has started a bit of a trend by organising Michelin Breakfasts at various venues around Birmingham.

When the second of these was announced I clicked the reply button as quick as my fingers would let me and secured two seats at the table.

Gutted that I had missed out on the first Breakfast at Adams, and one whose usual weekend breakfast treat is the small breakfast at Warley Woods, this was most definitely a change. To say I was excited at sharing breakfast at Simpsons, with some of Birmingham’s finest and award-winning food bloggers, would be an understatement.

Later I realised that the chef was non other than Nathan Eades, formerly owner of Epi, with whom I had once had a bit of a social media spat. I hoped he wouldn’t know who I was. Anyway Nathan, it was lovely to meet you and I apologise for the spat. Now I have eaten your food, you can say anything you want on Twitter.

I took a friend with me. This was her Christmas gift from me as I do experiences not stuff and we met our mutual friend, Full to the Brum, there.

We started with tea and sourdough toast.  I just loved the way the table had been decorated and therefore took more photos of the cow and the crab than the tea and toast. A bit of a rookie error.

I had no idea what to expect on the day as the menu was a closely guarded secret, Initially I thought this meant we had a choice of one of the three. Surely they are all a full breakfast in their own right?  Ah but this is Breakfast at Simpsons with a Nathan Eades twist. I told you I was a rookie at this food blogging malarkey.

A breakfast tapas, small but perfectly formed plates.

I once looked after some quails. Crazy little birds, who dash around the cage so fast, that trying to feed them and collect the eggs without them escaping and becoming dinner for Mr Fox is challenging. The eggs are good. Eating this was easier than chasing quails.

When this Full English came out, everyone was impressed with the presentation. Looked nothing like the small breakfast I usually have for £3.99 up the woods. The ingredients that went into the excellent brown sauce (Nathan did tell us, I forgot) ought to bottled and sold. We lost our HP factory a few years back so it is time Brum put brown sauce back on the map. Posh brown sauce, that is.

And then the healthy breakfast. Granola with yoghurt and fruit. Not that the rest of the breakfast was unhealthy in any way, this was no greasy spoon affair, this was Simpsons.

The food was good. Very good. The company was entertaining.  The guy in the dinner suit, enjoying his morning after the night before breakfast, amusing. Yes, I did realise that he wasn’t on his way home from a night on Broad Street.  Far too posh for that. I reckon he’d been downing cocktails at The Edgbaston.

I was a much quieter version of myself that day as clearly many of the people in the room knew each other, although I may have told one of my stories. That would be the brown sauce talking.

As well as acquiring a new Head Chef, Simpsons had also had a bit of a makeover. The surroundings are simply stunning.

Understated, melding modern with traditional, just how I would like my house to look one day. When I have unpacked all the boxes.

Would I like to go back to Simpsons for lunch or dinner? Yes, I think I would.

Given how excited I was about securing much sought after tickets to this breakfast, I cannot but wonder why it has taken me almost three months to write about it. Well I can, but I won’t bore with details of a house move and furniture tetris.  If you are interested, I have blogged about this and my downsizing and decluttering on this blog. Oh, and a bit about travelling and food too.

If you like breakfast, follow @BrumBrekkieClub and see if you, like me, can secure a place at the next table.

And man in the dishevelled dinner suit. Funny!



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