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Iconic Burberry going, going, gone

Established in 1856 the classic trench coat was designed by the founder of the company, Thomas Burberry.

Burberry or Burberrys? Well both. Burberry changed its name to Burberrys as that what the customers called them according to this article.

In 1999 they rebranded to Burberry and now seem to be attracting a younger hipper market. Not that I know about what is hip or not.

These three four coats (I found another one) are all slightly different (yes Joy had three four) and can be accessorised with a cashmere scarf, hat or the baseball cap. All bear the pre 1999 Burberrys label. I have even discovered how to check their authenticity by looking in the pockets.

Have they finally shaken of the negative association of cheap rip offs on market stalls? I think so, possibly not the baseball cap though. What doyou think?

I did think of keeping one for myself. I have no idea why a coat that belonged to a 4’11” woman is big enough for my 5’7″ frame! Yet it does fit me.

Update to this blog nearly 18 months later.

I have finally sold three of the coats and the scarf. They sat in a wardrobe for a long while, as it was just too hard for me to part with them. Now I am well on the uncluttering pathway to freedom, I finally got onto EBay and Vestiaire and have shipped 3 coats this week via EBay, two Burberry and one Gloveralll Red Duffle, and one Burberry and the scarf on Vestiarie. This was a big step for me, but now I have the EBay mojo so buyers beware.


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