Cake disasters and humble pie

I usually have photos in my posts, especially food related ones.

No photos, but there is a classic cooking disaster moment from Friends at the end of the post. You can see where I am going?

I decided I would bake a cake for the volunteers I attempt to co ordinate. I recognise that they work very hard and wanted to say thank you. And in my interview I had promised regular cake. Most of the time it feels like I have far too much fun at work (that’s a good thing). Sometimes I feel like I am herding cats. I work hard too, of course, but just lately it seems that I am more Phoebe and Monica has left the building.

Back to the cake. I doubled up my usual recipe. Made it in bigger tins. Cooked it. And tried to turn them out onto cooling trays. The cake was stuck. South African chef lodger suggested I heat the bottom of the tin. Google suggested to wrap the tin in a wet tea towel. Neither technique works so don’t try this at home. Monica has definitely left my kitchen and Rachel has taken over.

Eventually I scraped them out of the tins, arranged the lumps and crumbs in a pile and geeky son added some jam and glued it together. And I let him eat it. No food waste in this house.

Volunteers 0 Son 1

It has to be said, however, that geeky son deserved some cake.

I did a silly IT thing. No, I am not telling you what silly thing I did. He fixed it. I promised him that I would not do it again (and I really do know better) and told him I would eat humble pie. I then had to explain what humble pie was. And he was disappointed because it wasn’t actual pie.

It seems that he could have his cake and eat it. While I am left with Rachel’s trifle.







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