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Cooking with Jack and baking with Mary

For Christmas, as I am not accepting actual items into my home any longer, my good friend offered to give me a baking lesson. It has taken time, but I finally had a lesson in making shortbread.

We chose shortbread because:

  • My previous attempts have been rather disastrous as in over cooked, and too biscuity.
  • The good friend, is a big Mary Berry fan, and has made this shortbread twice with success.
  • My son likes shortbread.

I made it all by hand, which I think I prefer as it it quite therapeutic I find to crumble the butter and flour together. I had my doubts that I would achieve the dough, yet with patience I got dough, and then got it into a tin.

The verdict, well there is only half left, as we all dived in and ate almost half before it was even cool. The son, yet to be weaned off shop bought shortbread, with additives and palm oil, said it was better than Scottish Shortbread from Aldi. And I even managed to find a suitable tin to store it in.

Traybake Shortbread

Of course the upside to this, was that I finally got to sit and have a cuppa with the good friend as we have hardly spoken since Christmas. And that is the way it is with good friends, we cannot always see them every day or week and that it ok, as when you do catch up, it is still easy.

And so to the Jack part of this post. I made soup with tired veggies lurking at the back of the fridge using this recipe for Simple Mushroom Soup. All made in a microwave and cost next to nothing. My greens were some pak choi, not cabbage. Lunch for both me and my husband for Monday. Out of things other people would have probably thrown away. Tasty Wastey!  The Real Junk Food Project would be proud of me. And one for the Live Below the Line challenge later on this year.

Simple Mushroom Soup


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