New Year Resolutions and The 365 Test

A New Year is a good time to think about clearing out all the crap we have accumulated, isn’t it? This TED talk by Andrew Morrison has really inspired me, particularly the bit where about if you haven’t used something for 365 days, you probably don’t need it.

I started with my email inbox earlier this week. There are now over 13000 emails in the bin. And at least another 13000 distributed across the filtering tabs I have just set up. Most from pre 2013. Only just over 300 in the inbox tab. As I do it I am also unsubscribing to nearly everything. While it is not physical clutter like a pile of paperwork or magazines from five years ago, it drags me down.

I started off deleting one at a time. Really, did I think I had time to read and delete 26000 emails? I then used the 365 method, over a year, not needed. Still not even making a dent in the pile of junk. As they went back to 2011 and now I had them filtered, I decided to just go for it and I went for the delete all approach. Mail from 2011? 9500 deleted in one click. As I said, in an earlier post, I was missing important emails as they were getting lost in the inbox, filtering them is helping, and most of the crap was in the Social. Promotions and Updates tabs.

And Phil and I started with the kitchen yesterday. We have a big kitchen. Lots of worktops and storage. Yet, every time I cook I have to clear space. I have 3 Tupperware rice cookers. None of them I bought. Mom gave them to me when she emptied her kitchen. About 8 years ago. And there they have been, in a cupboard for 8 years. We were pretty brutal and now there are 6 bags ready to go to the charity shop.

We simply applied the 365 rule. Not used for a year, don’t need it. Yes there was a lot of ‘it may come in useful’ and ‘what if it is valuable’ conversations. All in the bag.

I then went through the food cupboard and sorted a bag to go to The Real Junk Food Project, Birmingham.  Goji berries, icing sugar, pasta flour and Tom Yam paste. And yes, some of them are past the best before date, yet they will almost certainly be used. To find out more about that project, and intercepting food, click here.

I also discovered some books had made their way into the bags and I noticed all the vinyl singles are also in a pile ready to go too. All off to the charity shop tomorrow.


There is still a long way to go. It is hard. On and off I have spent nearly 2 years decluttering. Life Coaching has helped enormously, as did the Unclutter My Life in Seven days programme. Yet the crap is holding me back from having the life I want and deserve.

It is time to move on and move faster. There is a lot to do. More life coaching with Lisa is booked via Skype. Scanning, selling and donating continues.

No New Year Resolutions are being made. Most people break them on January 17 anyway. Me. I will keep on chipping away with a little help from wherever I find it.

What about you? Have you made any resolutions, and what are you doing to help keep them?

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