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Didn’t we have a lovely day, the day we went to Manly?

Summer in Sydney. This was in January 2012.

Rain in Sydney, from YHA Room

It rained in every city Phil and I visited. Even in Perth. In Perth we had a cyclone, on Australia Day. In Melbourne on Christmas Day we had hailstones the size of your fist.

Me and the trusty kagool

The Kagool came in handy.

Do you reckon we may get sun when we go back in June this year?

We only had a few days in Sydney and had been told a great and cheap way to see the harbour was to take the ferry to Manly.

So we did.

Manly from the pub balcony

It was sunny and warm and we found  great pub for lunch.


Hung out at the beach for a while.

I like Manly and if I were to live in Sydney it would be somewhere I would consider. If I won the lottery.

I actually have no idea where we are staying on our next visit. We have friends there, they said we can stay with them. I do not know where they live. Maybe I ought to ask them?

On our last visit we were questioned about where we were staying in Melbourne by immigration. I told them that we were staying with a friend. I was asked the address. I told them that I didn’t know. Did I have a phone number for them? Err, no. I told them she was meeting me, and they said that perhaps next time it may be a good idea to have at least an address.

Having watched Border Control recently I reckon we were lucky to have not been taken to a room for questioning. Luckily the airport was so busy, and we didn’t look like drug runners. We just looked tired and old, so they let us in. And I didn’t mention that she was an old uni friend, who I had not seen for over 25 years and that we were house sitting for them.  Phew.

Note to self, have addresses of where we will be staying in Australia with passports. Another thing to add to the growing to do list.

Three months to go! Can you tell I am excited?



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