Eating my way around Melbourne The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant

This really is eating my way around Melbourne, because on the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant that is what you do. Eat fantastic food while trundling around the city on a tram.

My husband, Phil, was 60 when we were in Melbourne and I wanted to surprise him with something different and uniquely Melburnian for his birthday.

I had seen the tram the last time we were in Melbourne, but on that visit we were broke backpackers and couldn’t justify the cost. Indeed, I didn’t even come up with the idea. It was my daughter who suggested it after I asked people for ideas of a way to celebrate this special birthday.

The pick up point is at a rather unglamourous tram stop 125, at the back of the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.  Yet in Melbourne there is always something interesting to look at.

To avoid hanging around the the tram stop for too long, and to prevent giving the secret away too soon, we meandered along the Southbank of the River Yarra.

Phil still hadn’t guessed where we were going, even when we got to the tram stop as he thought we were catching another tram – until a waiter arrived and checked us off the list. When the tram arrived the crew welcomed us aboard and showed us to our table.

The staff were really friendly, I was worried it may be a bit formal and stuffy, but I forgot, this is Australia, they don’t do stuffy. But they do good food.

Our glasses were constantly refilled.Sparkling white to start with, then a choice of red or

white wine, spirits and a Baileys to finish.

And then, because it was his birthday,


he got a candle.

And of course you get to see this wonderful city from the comfort of your carriage.

The meal lasted about two hours. Despite it being in the middle of winter, as you can see it was a bright sunny day.

I would really recommend this for a special occasion or celebration. I chose the lunch as I wanted to see the city in daylight. There are also and early evening and later evening options, with more courses. I am definitely going to book this again when I next go to Melbourne and may push the boat out and go for the five courses.

As we got off we got talking to Gayl who had brought her Mom, Lily, to Melbourne for a birthday treat. They were from Brisbane, and we were chatting so much the crew had to ask us, politely, to leave as they had to set up for the next trip. She recently contacted me via my Facebook Page, which was a lovely surprise. Guess next time I go down under I may have to visit Brisbane. My Grandads sisters moved there in the 1930’s so maybe I will find some long lost rellies too?

More information about the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant can be found here.

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