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From St Kilda to Kings Cross

Back in 2011, in Melbourne, I started using song titles for my blog posts. I had some crazy idea that it would be cool to do this. It lasted a very short time. In one post Talking St Kilda Blues, I mentioned that I had found another song about St Kilda but I would save it for another post. And finally, over three years later, here it is.

In that post back in 2011, I had planned to use it for when I blogged about Sydney. Yet I never wrote a post about Sydney, or anywhere else in Australia, after we had left our house sit in Melbourne. This was mainly because the internet was too expensive in Australia. And I was having too much fun exploring the city, I didn’t have time. It was only recently that I realised had not written anything about Sydney apart from how great the hostel was.

Phil and I loved St Kilda. We volunteered at Lentil as Anything there, and on our last day spent some time wandering around the iconic Luna Park.

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We then made our way along the beach for a pot at another iconic spot, The Esplanade, aka the Espy.

The Epsy

And watched the sunset.

I want to see the sun go down from St Kilda Esplanade
Where the beach needs reconstruction, where the palm trees have it hard
I’d give you all of Sydney Harbour (all that land, all that water)
For that one sweet promenade

St Kilda from the Epsy

And like in the song, as we found out on the day trip to Manly, it rained in Sydney, a lot.

Have you ever seen Kings Cross when the rain is falling soft?
I came in on the evening bus, from Oxford Street I cut across
And if the rain don’t fall too hard everything shines just like a postcard
Everything goes on just the same

Rain clouds over the Opera House

I was told by Melburnians that while Sydney had the wow factor, Melbourne offered liveability factor. And I cannot disagree. Sydney is wow.

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I am hoping that the friends I will be staying with in Sydney this July will work hard to make me love their city. It won’t be difficult. Of course, I expect rain.

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