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You say tomato I say Greek Salad please!

I love Greek food, probably more than any food I have ever had anywhere on all my travels.. Perhaps it is because my first visit to Greece was the first time I had ever really found out what a tomato should could taste like.

Greek tomato

English tomatoes never taste the same, however we do have a habit of storing them in the fridge and I was told by a trader at a farmers market in St Kilda that refrigerating  kills the flavour. And I think we also over water them here, I have watched Greeks just splash some water on their plants in the morning and that is it. And this is what they grow.

Of course, you never forget your first moussaka, do you.


Although the one I had in Heraklion, or the stuffed vegetables that Phil and I ordered with it, didn’t forget us for a couple of days.

Stuffed vegetables

The only bout of food poisoning we had and not too severe, thank goodness. I will avoid Pantheon in Heraklion in future.

With raw ingredients like this it is really hard not to produce good food.

Market in Crete

We had a Greek Salad with almost every meal. It is almost obligatory. I hate olives but Phil loves them so they get pushed to his side of the plate. Yet I will pour a gallon of olive oil over the tomatoes then use the bread to soak up any excess.

Greek Salad

Then there is souvlaki.This was my first meal in Santorini at Fanari, in Fira.


And meat balls. Phil chose these in Heraklion at Kastella and at Fanari.

Flavoured with a herb we could never quite put a name to. We were told it was mint but think it was this. Do you know what it it?

Greek herb

Can’t decide? Have a meze.


This was the offer at Palazzo in Rethymnon. (It doesn’t get great reveiws here, yet we enjoyed our lunch).

Meat lover? A mixed grill to share?

Mixed grill

This one from Byzantino in Plaka Athens was lovely. We spent 3 hours people watching while we ate every last morsel.. We couldn’t eat later that night and had just water and a coke for supper.

Deep fried courgettes.

Deep fried courgettes

If you are Heraklion these from Kastella overlooking the beach are to die for.

Really what is not to like? And if you only fancy a light snack there are plenty of shops and street vendors selling pasties and cakes.

And when you can’t eat any more, this comes out, with Raki, on the house.

PuddingOh, I will make room for that!

If you stay at Nectarios Villas on Santorini at Easter, you may get some of these.





8 comments on You say tomato I say Greek Salad please!

  1. I love Greek food, too. Every part of Greece has special dishes. Olive oil is so healthy and I love the Greek tomatoes, too, because they have grown in the sun and that’s the reason, why they are so sweet and good. But many countries have good foods. I cook international: Greek, Italian, German, Indian, Chinese, Japanese etc.

  2. Thank you for making this video. I was stotain at Iraklion Air Station 1963-65 in the U.S. Air Force and it was the most memorable part of my life. Thanks to the video, it brought back a lot of great memories of this fantastic island and the Greek people. I have forwarded it to my USAF buddies who I still communicate with all these years and they were extatic to see it too. My wife and I will be on the Navigator of the Seas cruise and will be coming in to Hania, not Iraklion as we would have liked. I wanted to show my wife my beautiful island. I am hoping that more people will see this video and come to Iraklion with more cruises in the future.Thank you,Bob Carp Carpenter, Port Charlotte, Florida

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