Happy New Year

Melbourne Fireworks

Usually I spend New Years Eve, snuggled in front of a roaring fire and watching Jules Holland. In England it is, in my opinion, just too cold to go out and see five minutes of fireworks, surrounded by rowdy drunk people.

I made an exception in 2011 when I was in Melbourne with my husband Phil.

Port Melbourne

We spent the day walking the dogs on the beach.

Then went out for a Greek meal. We were lucky to find a table, everywhere was full.

IMG_6158 IMG_6160

Greek food is good in Melbourne. There is a huge Greek community and this place was traditionally run. Pop adding up the bill in his head, daughter at front of house. Lots of shouting. Good food. Almost as good as being in Greece.

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Many of the buildings were illuminated and there was a festive feel. It was very busy, but good humoured.

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We made our way river side where there were plenty of food stalls, a water truck and a chill out zone, (to chill those who had too many pots of beer).  Lots of seating, friendly crowd, and fantastic fireworks.

Melbourne Arts Centre set on fire

It was not without unexpected drama though, as tower on top of Melbourne Arts Centre, where some of the fireworks had been, caught fire. Oops! No one was hurt, but it just shows you that even experienced pyrotechnicians can get it wrong.

It really was a brilliant display, and one of the best New Years Eve I have had. The only downside was that it got cold (yes, cold in Melbourne, again) and getting back to the trams to get home through the, by now, rowdy and not so friendly crowds, was a pain.

Home to two dogs who seemed not to have been disturbed by the fireworks and we caught up with the Sydney display. On a sofa, in front of the telly, with a blanket to keep warm. Just like being at home.

This year, I will be on the sofa watching Hootenanny with Jules Holland. If I stay awake that is.

Happy New Year!


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