Knossos 1979

The days when you could get close up to ancient monuments are long gone. The top picture was taken 35 years before the one below. Not the only thing that has changed. Was I ever really that slim? I still have those shorts, don’t think I will ever get into them again. Vintage cut off Levis.

At Knossos 2014

This was my third visit to Knossos. About 17 years ago my husband won a holiday to Crete. We took the our children to Knossos on possibly the hottest day of the summer and it was heaving with people. I think we lasted 15 minutes and left. I don’t think the children even recall visiting.

On this occasion there were perhaps a dozen other people there. It was April, just before Easter and it was still quite hot. So take a hat and heed Baz Luhrmann – wear sunscreen.

Knossos is famous for the Greek Myth about the Minotaur. This fresco shows the bull leaping that may have taken place during the Minoan period.

There are many other frescos at Knossos.

As you can see the place was very quiet.

Top tip, go early to avoid the coach tours. We travelled to Knossos from Heraklion by local bus. The stop is right outside the entrance. Tickets are now 15Euros but there are some free entrance days and concessions. More information can be found here.

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