Melbourne for free – The ANZ Bank on Collins

You must visit the bank, we were told, on our first tip to Melbourne in 2011. Not any bank, but the ANZ on Collins Street. It is amazing inside.

On that occasion I managed to pop in for a quick look, but Phil missed out (I think he was looking at vinyl somewhere and I wandered off). So on the trip in 2015, after visiting Huxtaburger on Collins, (as part of out mission to try every burger in Melbourne) I said to him that I needed to pop to the bank, and took him to see this. He had no idea what to expect and was suitably impressed. Especially when I told him he could take photos as they are used to it.

It is a working bank, with tellers sitting behind beautiful wooden counters and event the cash point is encased in wood. And they have display cases with old banking paraphernalia dotted around the main banking hall.

You can pick up a self guided tour leaflet and wander around at will while employees go about their business. At the rear of the building in the modern atrium there is a cafe. There is also free wifi which is a precious commodity in Melbourne.

This is a bank that is beautiful as well as functional, so just go visit.  A great way to spend an hour on a rainy day. Or a rainy hour on a sunny day in Melbourne, the city that will tell you that if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.

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