Can you share too much?

Or is that what social media is all about?

A few months back a Facebook friend sent me a DM saying  ‘no offence but I am having to un friend you, your posts fill up my time line too much’.  I met this person way before the days of Facebook. She wasn’t a close friend but she lives near me and we have volunteered on the same project and we once shared an employer. I wasn’t offended, just a tad surprised. Did I really share too much on Facebook? Do I retweet too often?Did I annoy anyone else? Well if I do, I am sorry and please go ahead and un friend/follow me too.

Then this happens:

A Facebook and real life friend acknowledged me in her self published book, Going it Alone at 40: How I survived my first year of self employment for ‘services to sharing and retweeting’. She even calls me the Queen of Sharing, and she means that in a good way.

We see social media as an opportunity to share information and knowledge. We both help out at social media surgeries and attend the monthly Social Media Cafe in Birmingham organised by the wonderful Karen Strunks.

I have documented my social media journey in other blogs so I won’t go over old ground. If you are interested, you know what to do.

All I will add is that all the friends I have made in the past year, who I meet with regularly, go on trips to Malvern with, go to supper with, meet at a Street Food events, and those who came to my birthday bash, I met via social media first.

Happy sharing!

4 thoughts on “Can you share too much?

  1. Thank you for the mention of my book, and thank you for being the Queen of Sharing! People don’t realise how helpful talking about their friends’ small businesses and endeavours is; it massively helps those of us without a huge marketing budget who have good things to put out there but need to home-grow our audience!

    1. Liz, just realised I had made the faux pas of good social media practice, by not responding to a comment on my blog, apologies! I was reflecting on this blog about sharing following a conversation I had with my friend who writes the Marketing4Writers blog. I introduced you to her via social media as I thought you had a lot in common professionally and that both of you would benefit from the connection. She recently thanked me for sharing her page as it really helped her ‘reach’ despite her business base being in Australia, me being in the UK and that she is getting more traffic from the US. And that is why sharing is caring.

  2. Well, yes you can in Facebook, but in Twitter, no, the turn over is too rapid and people just check in intermittently. I know that most of my “real life” friends haven’t unfriended me, but they’ve switched off notifications from my personal page and don’t follow my work page. But it’s my job, has to be done, although I’ve cut back dramatically in the last couple of weeks.

    1. Much of the sharing I do it to support those people who have interesting content. My kids mostly ignore me. Most of my friends, seem ok with it. Facebook and twitter has been extremely useful to me in all sorts of ways. So much helpful advice when I was planning my travelling. And inspiration. So I will continue to share.

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