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Resfeber – Pre travel jitters and coping mechanisms

In a few hours time Phil and I will be boarding a plane to Melbourne, Australia, via Dubai.

The Grampians

We are packed and cases weighed. Well under the 30kg each we are allowed. Does anyone take 30kg with them on holiday?  Ours are about 15kg each, and that is mainly due to the warm weather clothing we are taking and we are going for five weeks. Tickets, boarding passes and visa are printed and in poly pockets and in plastic folder. Passports are in my Travelon Anti theft bag with RFID protection as is my bank and travel money card. Taxi is booked.

So why do I feel like I do? Sick, nervous, snappy and stressed.

Every time I travel I get like this. Don’t ask how many times I have been to the loo.

I have checked and re checked the visa about fifty times. The process was different to last time and it has confused me. But I have pieces of paper that says we have visas so it must be OK. So why is it different? Nothing has changed, the e visitor visa has been available since October 2008 but last time I applied on-line we had an ETA and now it says we can’t. Maybe I had this one last time? I just don’t know.

Once I get through passport control and into the departure lounge I will be fine. I really will.

In the meantime Phil is busy tidying everything up and cleaning, his way of coping, and I am typing on a laptop, my way of coping. A laptop that will soon have to be switched off and placed in the hand luggage. Neurotic about security, and we seem to get stopped and made to unpack hand luggage or patted down every time we go through the security at Birmingham Airport, cables,adapters, external drives, cameras and iPod are all in packing cubes. I have no liquids. Laptops, iPad, iPod, Kindle, fully charged in case they want us to turn them on.

On one occasion, it took us over an hour to get from check in to air side, so we plan to be at the airport for 6pm at the very latest. For a flight leaving at 9.20pm. I like to get to the airport on time. At least  for this trip I am flying from the local airport and not trekking to Heathrow.

And we have to change at Dubai. This also stresses me. What if they lose our cases? What if we get lost? Everyone tells me Dubai airport is huge. What if we lose our passports/documents/money? Travelling disasters happen to us all the time. Volcanoes erupt, earthquakes wake us and cyclones hit Fiji, Perth and Kefalonia. OK not exactly disasters but the local travel agents avoid destinations we are headed to.

Honestly I am really rubbish at this travelling malarkey. Even for a week in Greece I am like this. When we did the big trip in 2011/12, the week before we left I had total meltdown. I have lists everywhere to remind me of what I need to do. Must not forget my belt. Mouse. iPad and cables. Laptop and cables. Passports. Must check that visa. Again.



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  1. I have lists too. I started with a packing list, then the 2nd page turned into the to do list for the 2 days beforehand. i’m thinking I might need a separate list for the ticket arrangements. Then about now, I remind myself I’ve done this trip many times before and it’s always been a happy adventure. If they lose your cases the worst would be you’d have to buy all new clothes- not a problem. I’d back up the laptop before travelling.

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