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Sifting through jewellery

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I started sifting through the numerous shoe boxes of jewellery that mom had stashed in shoe boxes. A box of earrings, a box of brooches and a box of rings. Each item was in a plastic pouch, most of it costume jewellery of little value. All organised, categorised and labelled.

The last time I saw her wear jewellery was about four years ago, for a wedding. She borrowed some of mine. Apparently she had none to match the outfit she has chosen to wear.

Updated October 2014

Most of this is still in shoe boxes scattered around the house. I have no idea what I have and where. I did find some Turkish Gold, still in the box and never worn. Nothing I would wear. I had it valued, knowing that if I sold it, it would be melted down. Like most of this process I then put it off for a few months. Then the need to take Mom to her final resting place in Santorini led me to get it revalued, sold, and flights booked to Greece. It was what she would have wanted, of that I am sure.

Now to start sorting out, donating and selling what I have left. Let the delcuttering continue.


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