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The lost words


Somewhere there are 600 or so words. I have lost them – on a cloud – 600 words, edited, saved, linked, SEO optimised and readability checked.

Four hours of my time, spent writing, lost.

Because this is what WordPress does.

I have lost drafts of my work before. But as I regularly hit the save as draft button, I have old versions to go back to.

Not this time.

As I saved the post as draft, thinking about what picture to add to the post, I got a message on my screen.

‘You are editing a post that does not exist’

That is what I think it said, at least.

You get the gist.

What to do? No options were offered. Go back? Wait and see?

Ah I thought, I have saved drafts, so it will still be there.

And I went back to previous screen.

Another message, oh how I wish I had done a screen print at that stage.

Something like, ‘there is no content’ are you sure you want to do this?’ No, of course I am not sure. But what are my options? Refresh? Nope. Log out and back in? Turn it off and on again? (That is IT tech support default advice).

The message may as well have said, ‘idiot’ because that is what I felt like.

Had I accidentally hit delete? If so it goes into the bin. No. Not there.

Maybe if I refresh it will appear.

But no.


The internet has stolen my words.

Thank you WordPress.

Helpful advice from friends. ‘Always write your post in Word, so you have a back up’. ‘This has happened to me too many times.’

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

But it won’t get my words back.

Going forward, write in Word. Save, save, save, then copy to WordPress. Save as draft. Publish privately. Early on, like after you have written one word. Only you can see it, but I have been told this will prevent me being lost for words again.

Cross fingers.

#FML #FirstWorldProblems

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