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Unclutter my life: letting go of the vinyl

Most of the vinyl belongs to my husband. And a few years ago, before vinyl became cool, he did let some of his albums go.

Then Record Store Day made vinyl hip and sales increased. And we started having people around to listen to our vinyl.

Yet we are committed to getting rid of the clutter in our house, and we never play any of the singles. Some are mine, Lonely Girl by Eddie Holman and I am Not in Love by 10cc, and some are his, John Denver, and Elton John.

We cannot agree on who brought The Beatles singles to the collection. As my Mom and Dad knew The Beatles in the 60’s and The Stones stayed at my house on the Kings Road in Chelsea, I lay claim on them. He can take credit for the Pink Squeeze single and Kenny Loggins. Others we just don’t know. It seems, despite what I usually say, we do have similar tastes in music after all. Except Jazz. I draw the line at jazz. Fell asleep at a jazz concert once.

And while listening to I’m not in Love takes me straight back to the first dance with my first boyfriend and Lonely Girl to reminds me of teenage angst and unrequited love, I really have no attachment to them. The singles simply get moved from room to room, shelf to shelf and gather dust.

The Beatles singles are going to a Facebook friend who I have never met, Dan Thompson.  That guy who started #riotcleanup. I know he will cherish them and that is important to both me and Phil. And he does good things for his community. They are going to a good home.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by Elton John has found a new home too, again with a person I first met via social media. She gave me a lovely reason why she wanted it. I know it will be looked after and listened to. I am not selling it to her, instead she is making a donation to Smethwick Foodbank.

It is hard letting go of stuff. Yet when you know it will be cherished and cared for, it makes it easier. And I get space in my house and in my head. And that is good for me.

Addendum October 2017

December last year over 500 vinyl albums and the turntable, amps and speakers were sold to a record store in Malvern. We kept 30 of our favourite. Need to find a new turntable that will connect to the Sonos speakers we now have.


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