Unclutter my life – an empty attic

What is in your attic?

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I told my mother many years ago, when discussing wills and inheritance etc, that the best gift a parent can give a child is an empty attic.

Mom was a hoarder. And so it seems am I.

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After she died, while I didn’t have to deal with the contents of an attic, it took 5 full car loads to empty her bedroom. And many months of sifting and sorting – I am still going through the photographs.

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Mom travelled extensively and kept every piece of paper she touched, menus, tickets, receipts and every photo, good or bad, plus duplicates of every photo. She put them in albums, stored another version on a CD and kept it all in labelled shoe boxes. That gathered dust, unopened, for decades.


My promise

I promised my kids that they will not have to do what I had to do, empty a room full of stuff and sift through hundreds of photos and bags of clothes. I have been decluttering now for over 3 years.

I was also driven by my desire to downsize and travel more. And now the move to a very small house is imminent and there is nowhere to hide my stuff in that house.

Today I helped my husband empty the loft. I was pretty confident that it was not cluttered.

A few years ago we had had a good sort out. Only three C’s up there, Cases, Christmas and I forget the other C.

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Oh yes. The other C was for crap. It seems that since the last clear out, other stuff has found its way up a ladder and into the loft. How did that happen?

Trips to the tip

The tip is very strict about what can go where and much of the contents are recycled.

It is also renown for decorating the entrance with fun items.

At Christmas they really go to town and are featured on local tv.


Christmas tree

We had a lovely 10 foot Christmas tree, and now that will be in this years display.

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On our second and third visit we had to queue to get in. With lots of other people getting rid of their stuff.

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People on the Work, Watch, Spend Treadmill. The one I have stepped off. Electrical items and computers that are now discarded due to built in or planned obsolescence.

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 Stop buying stuff

I stopped buying stuff a few years ago, and started giving things away. I do not have a smartphone or a new ipad.

I wear the same clothes I was wearing 5 years ago and anything new I have bought has been for a specific reason (jeans fell apart) or had to match items I already had. I cleared my closet  some time ago. Therefore the 333 project has been quite easy for me to do.

But back into the attic. C for Cases.

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My name is Coral and I am addicted to luggage

I have a luggage addiction. There are 15 assorted suitcases and bags there. That is not all of them. There are also 2 back packs and a further 3 overnight/weekend bags in my wardrobe.

Hoarding for Christmas

C for Christmas. Every Christmas bag we ever had, inside a Christmas bag to re use the following year. Christmas cards. Not sent one for years and years.


C for Crap. Bags of it.

And what did I find amongst all that crap? This. 8 Simple Rules for Keeping Clutter at Bay. Well that didn’t work, so I trashed that too.

To all of you who put something into the loft ‘just in case’. don’t. Really don’t. It might come in useful I can hear you saying. The empty box of an item you no longer have. A box of cables. No. No. No.

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How much room for sentiment?

I did find all the baby blankets that are now 60 years old. Given to me when I had my first child by my Mother in Law, they were the blankets my husband had as a baby. Hard to part with them. Some of the soft toys. Ditto. And I have to tell myself that there is nowhere to hide them in the new tiny house.

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Maybe one lovely blanket made into a cushion cover and I will keep Ragsy and Thread Bear. What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Unclutter my life – an empty attic

  1. I’d keep any pretty blanket I could wear round my shoulders as a shrug, or as a small throw on the back of my armchair. No room for Ragsy – only the best brown bear can stay. I have just one rule for the loft- whatever goes up there, something equal in size must come down.

    1. Thank for the comment. Two bears kept. Other soft toys donated where possible. No rugs. New house has no useable loft space.

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