Unclutter my life. How many self help books does one person need?

As I go through this journey of getting rid of stuff, I am also letting go of books. This horrifies many of my friends.

First to go were the cookbooks. A few I have kept, Delia taught me to cook so she made the cut.

The books that were frankly covered it dust were next to go. Really, if they are that dusty, they have not been needed nor are loved.

The Dickens, Austen and Bronte , yes, they went too, as the print in the editions I had was just too small for me to read.

I have a Kindle and classics are mostly free. If I decide to re read them.

Now if I want to read a new book I use my local library.

There are still quite a few yet to find their way to the charity shop though. Like these.

The self help section

I will be hanging onto the one and only book (hard copy) that has really inspired and helped me.

I even got a snazzy colour coded filing system.

Filing system

And filed articles in it, about organising.

On a massive paper mountain taming exercise, I reduced the contents of my file boxes by 75% at least, We no longer need to file paper stuff. Want a recipe, an article about how to get organised, ideas for decorating the home?  – all online and Pinterest is the place to keep them. Not in some dusty file cabinet.

So yes, it seems I was and still am obsessed with organising and decluttering. The difference now is that I am doing more than reading about it and making half hearted attempts to get free of all this crap that has held me back.

And it was life coaching that helped me to stop procrastinating and start doing.  I identified what I really wanted and what I needed to do to get it.  Gained Clarity. Re discovered the authentic me.

Travel. Travelling Coral.

Old passports

I guess this is why I hang on to these.






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