Unclutter my life: Releasing the Burberry

I inherited four Burberry Trench coats from my mother. All different sizes. I have no idea why she had four and why, when she was only 4′ 11″ one of them fitted me at 5′ 7″. She was a hoarder and on reflection, buying stuff was her addiction. I only had to empty one room and that filled up the car 5 times over.

Burberry Trench

After just over 18 months of having them and a few other of her vast collection of clothes to find good homes for, I finally got around to selling them on EBay. All but one sold.

Today the Burberry, together with some other lovely but unwanted items of clothing, went in a charity bag. Tomorrow they will be in a charity shop. I am now at the ruthless stage of de cluttering. Last week I took about 10 bags of items surplus to requirements from the kitchen to a charity shop. Next week it is 4 bags of stuff that has been cluttering my bedroom floor for 6 months.

Having all that stuff crowding my space has impacted for too long on my wellbeing. And I promised my kids that they will never have spend months clearing clutter when I am gone.

Yet, as I am still in the grieving process, I had to do what I could when I was ready to do it. The photos are still in neatly labelled shoe boxes.  A huge box of paperwork that Mom kept, all relating to my grandmother remains untouched. It is still too painful to go through.

The Burberry has been released. I hope the person who finds it enjoys it.

Decluttering is hard. It takes time. The results are worth it. I just needed to focus, be kind to myself and just one session of life coaching definitely helped.




2 thoughts on “Unclutter my life: Releasing the Burberry

  1. Do you think you could stop mentioning the Burberry(s) now? You’ve remarked on them at least 4 times and it is wearing thin. I might just afford such a coat if it ever made it to the rail in a charity shop, except it almost certainly went to a member of staff, with 10% staff discount. I didn’t know you listed them on ebay, you initially said ‘etsy’ ? For future reference, tweeting your ebay auctions (once) immediately gets them 20 extra ‘views’ thereby upping the listing’s popularity.

    1. Now they are gone, I will. They were the items that dragged me down the most, as I despaired that my mother on a teachers salary bought the bloody things and hardly never wore them. That final push, take it all to a charity shop and be damned was the last of the clothes. I know the manager of said charity shop, both husband and son have volunteered there and she’d go for getting the best price for the charity. After nearly two years I finally feel free. I have closure. And this is what most of the decluttering had been about. I used Vestaire and eBay and it was tiresome and I’m sure some people went on to sell them for a vast profit at some tray vintage store. Giving one away, to a charity was the right thing to do.

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